GEMS RoundTable - Delivery Options


We are offering a package of FREE RoundTable demonstrations to local educators and meeting facilitators.

WHO? Educators: Teachers, Principals, Superintendants, etc,; CEO's, Managers

WHAT? A series of free demonstrations of the GEMS RoundTable.

WHERE? At your site, in your classroom or conference room, for a group of 15 - 40 members.

WHEN? Ongoing.

HOW? In a phone conversation, we will adapt the format to your needs. Contact us.

We demonstrate the RoundTable at your local school or workplace. Based on the results and your goals, we then work with you to develop regular 30-minute RoundTables. Typically, we lead the 1st session, then coach the next few sessions, observe and coach the 10th session, and then consult at your request.

We also offer workshops at your workplace for 15 or more RoundTable participants:

  • 10 weekly sessions, OR
  • 3 weekend sessions, OR
  • within an existing week long training.

We are always available for consulting on your RoundTables--answering any questions, refining and developing them with you to meet your current and emerging goals.